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We offer Coaching training programs with a professional level in various countries around the world, located on three continents. Our programs provide world class knowledge and skills, with high-impact methodologies, enabling the realization of short and highly effective programs. This is a great benefit to our participants, putting focus on the actual learning of the necessary skills, without extending the processes in an unjustified way, by having effective and efficient programs. We offer a full membership to our students during the first year, which can be renewed annually with us. We also offer the official representation of PCA and our programs to companies specialized in this area, ensuring the highest global standards for our work.

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Meet our training programs and International Coaching Certification, and join our global organization. If you are a company and want to be an official representative of PCA in your country, please contact us and we will send you the necessary information. We provide full support for our programs to reach most parts of the world, ensuring a professional and world-class standard.










Join our International Coaching Certification Programs and specialization courses in Coaching and become part of one of the largest organizations worldwide.

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Become a member of PCA and receive benefits, professional support, information and activities in different countries to continue the process of growth and development. Join today!

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Empower your business and become an official representative of PCA in your country. Offer our programs and transform into a leader in the discipline, with world class service.

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If you are a Coach Certified by other international agency and want to be part of PCA, Contact us and send us your documentation to validate your studies, and become part of the global leader in Integrative Coaching.

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If you are already a member and your membership is about to expire or has already expired, you are invited to renew it and not be left out of all the benefits and the support that PCA gives to each of its members and partners. Only for $100 a year you can keep your current PCA membership and receive useful information, invitations to events, discounts on training programs in coaching, lectures, free publications only for our members and partners, and more. It’s simple, make your renewal through our website, and update your membership in your digital certificates and our database, to keep offering you more support in your professional development.

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Renew your annual membership and receive information, invitations, discounts, participation in educational activities and lifelong access to the growth of an expanding community.