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In PCA we have experts around the world and a team that allows us to offer the best experience for our participants in each of the courses offered in different countries. By incorporating new technologies, our programs are reviewed and improved each year, integrating new media, content and work schemes that facilitate learning, and make it increasingly effective and have greater impact on the development of the coaching profession. This whole process is carried out by our Trainers who have extensive training and professional experience, allowing always to deliver an experience of international quality and high effectiveness in the development of the discipline.


Professional Coaching

We are world leaders in Professional Coaching, incorporating methodologies such as GROW model, integrative coaching model among others. Incorporating the powerful tool of NLP, positive psychology, advances in neuroscience, led by the hand of a clear and structured process that allows the achievement of targets with high effectiveness, becoming up to five times more effective than other methods of accompaniment.

Prestige and Recognition

Professional Development

Personal Growth

Effectiveness Process

Recognized by Skills Development Scotland

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a support and facilitation methodology used to work with individuals and groups, promoting improved performance, improvement in the specific task execution strategies and improvement of the skills of individuals to achieve their goals and objectives, so it is a very effective methodology for transformation, growth and continuous improvement.

Why should it be learned?

Because it really works! There are many testimonies, statistics and serious investigations carried out by professionals who support this methodology and showing its effectiveness. It has become an undeniable fact that people and companies around the world have consistently earned the benefits of achieving better results, advancing on the path that allows them to achieve their objectives in a highly effective manner.

Multi-task tool

By learning coaching, you will have a tool in your hands that is so powerful that you will be able to apply it in other aspects of your life as varied as your imagination. In a personal, corporate, executive, educational, health, and parental level and many more areas of life, you’ll get new results by this highly effective and strategic tool. Many people attend our certifications and specialization programs not only for competencies in the area of coaching or to become facilitators of others, but also for better lives and enhance their own skills and competencies to enable them to approach their personal goals.