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Our programs are designed to bring practical and theoretical knowledge, aimed at understanding the coaching process and at the same time be able to serve as Coach in a real environment using a variety of required skills and tools. Our range of programs also provides a method to address this process in a clear manner. To accomplish this, we have integrated this learning structure at different levels and areas that allow students to model the working model to their own personal style and focus on those application areas that are of real interest.

Introduction to Coaching

Begin your learning in a plan that incorporates the fundamentals of the Integrative Coaching Model and its program of basic skills.

International Coaching Certification

Start your career growth by obtaining an international certification in coaching. Develop processes to facilitate skills.

Specialization in Coaching with NLP

Incorporates NLP tools for a work of higher impact with your customers. A Program for Certified Coaches.

Life Coaching Specialization

Transform into a professional Life Coaching and help your clients to achieve their personal goals and achieve great personal satisfaction.

Executive Coaching Specialization

Get the leading professional executive coaching worldwide accreditation, and works with executives and senior management.

Team Coaching Specialization

Helps to develop high impact teams within organizations and enterprises, improving performance and enhancing the results.

Specialization in Coaching for Leaders

Take your professional skills to a new level and lead effectively and with a strategic vision. Fulfill your goals and lead your team to outstanding results in a program with International Certification.

Master Certified Coach

Reach the top of coaching internationally with a program that certifies the best coaches in the world.

Start living the experience

The Introduction to Coaching program is specially designed for people who want to start their training in this discipline. For a quick and clear program, participants will learn the fundamentals of coaching at the professional level, and may incorporate the main tools used in the model of integrative coaching; incorporating methodologies that will help to better understand working with people.

We invite you to start living the wonderful adventure of coaching, along with excellent coaches in a program specially designed for your growth and development.

Participant's Profile

This training is aimed at anyone who wants to improve his communication skills, learn about coaching, rationale, methodology and application to people individually. It is ideal for those looking to develop a new career in coaching, and start the training process from the earliest stages.


During this training coaching participants will learn the following skills:

  • Understand the fundamentals and principles of coaching.


This program has special requirements to participate. It is expected for participants to be highly motivated and committed to living a learning experience and personal growth that will definitely help them improve their skills in the professional field.